ForgeRock Open Source Projects

Welcome to the ForgeRock open source repositories for our identity and access management projects. Here you can download, modify, and contribute code to these projects.

ForgeRock Commercial Engagements

In addition to these open source projects, ForgeRock offers a commercial subscription offering with the most advanced identity solutions including with comprehensive support, maintenance, and training offerings, ideally suited for organizations looking to implement mission critical identity solutions. Learn more here.
The OpenAM project is an access management solution that includes Authentication, SSO, Authorization, Federation, Entitlements and Web Services Security.
OpenIDM is an identity management system that provides simple management and synchronization of identity
The OpenDJ project is a REST & LDAP Directory, including a secure directory server, built-in data replication, client tools, and an LDAP SDK.
The OpenIG project is an identity gateway with high-performance reverse proxy with specialized session management and credential replay functionality.