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The Root of Identity

An open source, lightweight, embeddable directory that can easily share real-time customer, device, and user identity data across enterprise, cloud, social, and mobile environments.
  • Massive data scale and high availability providings developers with ultra-lightweight ways to access identity data
  • High Performance - ms response times & tens of thousands of w/r per sec
  • Multi Master replication for high availability


Originally based on Sun MicroSystem's OpenDS, ForgeRock have been developing and commercially supporting OpenDJ since 2010. This version was originally released to ForgeRock customers in March 2015, and is now being released as our Community Edition with CDDL binary licensing which enables the downloadable binaries to be use din production. It is well tested an has held millions of identities in its lifetime.

Convenient APIs

As well as the expected LDAP access OpenDJ lets you access directory data as JSON resources over HTTP making it super convenient for web and phone apps.

Getting Started

Download the binary, follow the installation guide then the admin guide will walk you through the following steps:

  • Starting a Server
  • Stopping a Server
  • Restarting a Server
  • Importing/Exporting data using LDIF Data
  • Performing LDAP Operations
  • Performing RESTful Operations
  • Managing Replication
  • ... and much more


The documentation for OpenDJ v2.6x is hosted on ForgeRock's BackStage servers. There you can find:

  • OpenDJ Admin Guide
  • OpenDJ Configuration Reference
  • OpenDJ Directory Server Javadoc
  • OpenDJ Installation Guide
  • OpenDJ LDAP SDK Javadoc
  • OpenDJ Release Notes
  • OpenDJ SDK Developer's Guide

Get the Code

The code is hosted on github. Issues should also be submitted against the github issue tracker

Get Involved

Fork the GitHub repo and create a pull request. It's worth discussing larger proposed changes in an issue before starting out.